Back in June, Lancaster Stands Up members voted on which Pennsylvania State House and Senate candidates to endorse.  They ended up voting for three House candidates and one Senate candidates.  The endorsed candidates are Mary Auker-Endres for PA 98th House District, Dana Hamp-Gulick for PA 97th House District, Bill Troutman for PA 36th Senate District, and Michele Wherley for PA 41st House District.

All four endorsed candidates have been running incredible campaigns that align with the values of LSU membership. They have been visible and accessible to the Lancaster Stands Up community.

Our last membership poll indicated that LSU members want our endorsement to be competitive and meaningful. We want to use our limited resources to elect candidates that are with us on the issues and that will fight for all of us in Harrisburg. And these are the candidates that we have decided will stand up for the people of Pennsylvania.

And after election day, we plan to hold our representatives accountable. When we use our collective power to help get candidates into office we know that they are truly accountable to us.

Campaign Websites:

Dana Hamp-Gulick

Mary Auker-Endres

Michele Wherley

Bill Troutman

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