Lancaster Stands Up members voted last week to endorse a slate of people’s candidates in the 2020 general election.

We voted to endorse:

John Padora, HD-37 Dem Nominee
Michele Wherley, HD-41 Dem Nominee
Dana Hamp Gulick, HD-97 Dem Nominee
Bill Troutman, HD-98 Dem Nominee
Rick Hodge, HD-99 Dem Nominee
Janet Diaz, SD-13 Dem Nominee
Sarah Hammond, CD-11 Dem Nominee


Each of these candidates made the case to Lancaster Stands Up members about why they are running for office, where they stand on the issues, and how they will fight for us. See their responses to our candidate questionnaire here.

Now we’re excited to get busy helping these candidates get as many votes as possible, and to do our part to win Pennsylvania on November 3rd.



Sign up here to help with voter engagement between now and Election Day.



We don’t just do “on paper” endorsements; we provide our members and volunteers with tools and support to help elect people’s candidates.


We know what we’re up against. We can see plainly the rampant dysfunction and corruption in Harrisburg and Washington. We know that the people who broke it aren’t going to fix it—it’s up to everyday people like us to get ourselves organized into a force that can make change.   

Over the past few years we’ve built an organization together that can really make a difference—on issues and in elections. In the remaining weeks before November 3rd, we will be carrying out a robust voter engagement program, making tens of thousands of phone calls to persuade voters and to get out the vote.

We have a real opportunity this fall not only to flip the PA General Assembly, but to elect a new wave of people’s candidates who really fight for everyday working people.


Can you add your time and energy to this important effort? Sign up here to volunteer.