Honor Wisconsin Voters: Apply for your Mail In Ballots Today!

By: Cathy Walker

The scene of the voters in Wisconsin’s Primary waiting for hours in a range of protective gear was another tragic reminder of the power that Republicans and the conservative Justices of the Supreme Court use to suppress voting. They worked hard to ensure Wisconsin voters would have to endure extraordinary conditions to vote in their primary. Yet against all odds many voters did come out, stood in long grueling lines and waited hours to vote. They voted in large enough numbers to defeat an ultra-Conservative incumbent judge running for the State Supreme Court. For once, it seems the Republican efforts to suppress votes backfired driving more voters to come out in unprecedented numbers for a primary. What looked like a tragedy on the eve of the primary became an inspiration to all of us a week later when we heard both the results as well as the turn-out numbers. Given all that these voters endured, we can honor them by taking advantage of Pennsylvania’s mail in ballot for both our June 2 Primary and the General Election on November 3. 
Thankfully, Pennsylvania postponed our primary to June 2 buying us time not afforded to Wisconsin voters. To ensure that you will not have to make the choice between your health and your ability to vote, request your application to vote by mail as soon as possible. You no longer need an excuse to secure a mail-in ballot. Now you can simply go to www.pavoterservices.pa.gov, verify that you are registered to vote and request your mail-in ballot. You will need a valid pa driver’s license number or a Penn Dot ID number. The site will guide you on what to do if you do not have that information. If you know someone who does not have access to the internet they can call (717) 299-8293 for assistance. The deadline for a mail-in ballot application is May 26. An added bonus is that by applying for the Primary mail-in ballot, you will have the option of being put on a permanent mailing list. Once on this list, you will continue to receive all upcoming election ballots as long as you remain in your current location.


While we all hope we can be out and about by June 2, that may be unrealistic given the unpredictability of this pandemic. Let’s protect our poll workers, ourselves and our votes. Don’t delay, apply for your mail-in ballot today!

This piece was submitted by Cathy Walker of Lancaster Township.


Cathy is a Lancaster Stands Up member and is passionate about every member of our community having the right to vote, especially in the time of COVID-19.