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HD-96 Candidate Questionnaire

Meet the candidates running to represent Pennsylvania's 96th District!

On November 8th, voters in Lancaster and Manheim Township will determine whether Mike Sturla (D) or April Weaver (R) will represent Pennsylvania’s 96th House District.

Part of Lancaster Stands Up's mission is to help ensure that our members and the broader public have as much information about candidates as possible in order to make informed decisions when they vote. In that spirit, we asked both candidates for HD-96 to complete the questionnaire below — to answer ten questions posed by members of Lancaster Stands Up. The same questions were posed to both candidates.

We would like to thank Rep. Mike Sturla for taking the time to answer these questions. You can read his answers below. You will also see that candidate April Weaver refused to answer our questions. Weaver has now refused three debate invitations: with LNP, with League of Women Voters, and with WGAL. (Mike Sturla accepted all three invitations.)

We had hoped that Ms. Weaver might take the opportunity to at least provide written answers to questions about important issues for voters—like abortion rights, climate, housing and development, and more. Whichever candidate wins this race, they will vote on these and other important issues. We believe it is a low bar to expect from a candidate running for public office that they tell voters where they stand.