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HD-96 Candidate Questionnaire

Meet the candidates running to represent Lancaster!

Dana Hamp Gulick and State Representative Mike Sturla are both running in a contested primary to represent Lancaster in Harrisburg.

A few weeks ago, Mike Sturla and Dana Hamp Gulick completed a questionnaire from LSU members. You can read their answers below!

In addition to the questionnaire, both candidates were invited to submit a short video about why Lancaster Stands Up should endorse them. You can watch Mike Sturla’s video here, and watch Dana Hamp Gulick’s video here.

Starting on Monday, March 21, and extending until Saturday, March 26, we will hold our member vote to endorse in the PA House District 96 Democratic primary. If you are a LSU member, you should have received your ballot via email. (If you cannot find your ballot, please email We will respond as soon as possible.)

Since Lancaster Stands Up started, we have embraced being active as a grassroots organization in contested primaries. Primaries give us a unique opportunity as everyday people to help shape the direction and vision of the Democratic Party.

Read the candidates' answers below, and stay tuned for our member endorsement results!