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2022 Contested State House Primaries

After redistricting is finalized, it looks like Lancaster will now have two competitive state house districts. LSU members have already endorsed Izzy Smith-Wade-El for the new HD-50 and our electoral team is planning a candidate forum for the new HD-96, with Mike Sturla (incumbent) and Dana Hamp Gulick (challenger).

On Thursday, December 16, new draft districts were announced. If finalized as the districts for 2022 and beyond, Lancaster will have two relatively safe Democratic districts (HD-49 and HD-96) instead of only one.

In December, Lancaster Stands Up members voted to endorse Ismail "Izzy" Smith-Wade-El by an overwhelming margin. Izzy received 87% of the vote. Thanks to every LSU member who participated in this endorsement process. Lancaster Stands Up’s endorsement of Izzy holds for whichever district he ends up running in once the districts are finalized. In the new district maps, that would be HD-49.

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Canvass with Izzy for Lancaster!

Now we are planning a member engagement and endorsement process for the new HD-96 primary race, where Dana Hamp Gulick is challenging Rep. Mike Sturla. Both candidates are completing a candidate questionnaire (that we will share the first week of February) and both will participate in a public candidate forum on Saturday, February 26 at 1:30pm.

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Since Lancaster Stands Up started, we have embraced being active as a grassroots organization in contested primaries. Primaries give us a unique opportunity as everyday people to help shape the direction and vision of the Democratic Party.

Who represents Lancaster in Harrisburg matters. Our electoral team has been working to design a process that provides as much information as possible to our members and to the broader public and that invites each candidate to make their case.

Keep checking back for updates. Thank you for all you do to help build a Lancaster that works for all of us!