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Housing costs are rising and it feels like everyone is getting further and further behind. Get involved by attending our community forum or sharing your housing story.

Attend our community forum

Join us on Saturday, May 22nd to talk about our county’s growing housing crisis.

Forum on the housing crisis

We’ll be discussing the increasing unaffordability of housing in our community, and the role of development companies and bad policy and governance in this crisis. We’ll talk about the rights of renters, and what everyday people like us can do.

The COVID-19 crisis has brought housing issues into sharp focus as millions of Americans have lost their incomes and are in danger of facing eviction or foreclosure. The American Rescue Plan is delivering significant relief, but not everyone knows about the resources that are now available. But the eviction moratorium is now under threat, which could result in millions being evicted.

Moreover, this relief doesn’t begin to address the longer-term problem of housing inequality and unaffordability.

If you or someone you know are facing housing affordability challenges, eviction, or problems with your landlord, you are not alone. Join with others across our community to figure out what we can do together.

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Share your story

From Columbia to Christiana, from Lititz to Leola to Lancaster City, housing costs are rising. Lancaster Stands Up is launching a campaign to ensure all residents of our county have access to safe, stable, and affordable housing.