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Lancaster Neighbor Fund

Our immigrant brothers and sisters are under attack every day from ICE. If you can contribute or you need financial help please see the details below.

What is Lancaster Neighbor Fund? Our immigrant neighbors are being detained and even deported at a much higher rate than usual since the 2016 election. ICE activity in Lancaster County has increased 60% in one year. The Lancaster Neighbor Fund will serve as a source of emergency aid to families who are suffering due to detention and deportation proceedings. We will provide small grants to families from Lancaster County who have family members in detention to offset the costs of bond.

We are always seeking more resources for the fund. Our goal is to raise $10,000 annually and give five grants of $2000 to families suffering from the administration’s horrifying immigration policies.

We are currently accepting applications for people who meet our applicant criteria. We have an amazing steering committee to review applications in a timely way.

Who can apply? Preference will given to applicants who meet these four criteria:

  1. Referred from a non-profit organization working with detainees (CWS, PIRC, PICC), church, or an immigration lawyer in Lancaster County.
  2. Detained and/or vulnerable to deportation. Preference will be given to people with families and/or children negatively affected by the detention.
  3. Financial need.
  4. Live in Lancaster County.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your support.