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No Backroom Deals

It’s time for our elected representatives and political candidates to reject campaign contributions from corporate interests and individuals that stand to profit from their decisions. We need representatives who prioritize the needs of our community.

The Pledge:

As an elected representative, I pledge not to take donations from individuals or corporate interests who represent the developer and real estate industry. I pledge to maintain my integrity in my financial dealings and prioritize constituents over corporate interests and developers. I will not engage in backroom deals that shut out everyday people from decision-making that impacts the future of their communities. I promise to use my power in office to promote a government of, by and for the people.

Taking this pledge means I will not accept contributions over $50* from any of the following**:

Corporate PACs, lobbyists, and executives of developer & real estate companies - companies whose primary business is the developing, owning, or managing commercial and residential real estate.

Politicians: Sign the pledge

Why No Backroom Deals?

Our government belongs to us, the people. When corporations and the most well-connected among us conspire behind closed doors with elected representatives, the rest of us are left behind. We’re left out of conversations about the future of our communities and what we want it to look like. This goes beyond party – this is a matter of the corrupting influence of big money in our democracy.

Citizens of Lancaster County should not have to compete with corporate bidders for the attention of their elected representatives. Developers and other big money interests regularly use campaign donations and favors to override the will of the people and change the way our communities look, pushing out people for profit. A few wealthy individuals should not have more influence than the rest of the voters combined. We are calling for an end to these covert backroom dealings between elected officials and special interests that disenfranchise everyday working people in our communities.

Government must be for all of us, not for the highest bidder. The No Backroom Deals pledge asks representatives at all levels of government not to sell their time, attention, or vote for a campaign contribution, and to work with integrity towards the best possible future for the residents and constituents of the district.

*Local campaigns have to disclose all donations over $50.

**If a campaign unknowingly accepts money from any of the listed private interests they will return the donation in full.

Proud Signers:

Danene Sorace for Lancaster City Mayor, Incumbent

Denyse Kling for Manheim Township Board of Commissioners

deLyn Alumbaugh for Adamstown Borough Council, Incumbent

Teresa Caruthers for Ephrata Borough Council

David Parry for School District of Lancaster, Incumbent

Jagger Gilleland for Elizabethtown School Director

Sam Droke-Dickenson for Warwick School Director

Dr. Susan Dicklitch-Nelson for West Hempfield Township Supervisor

Robert Misciagna for Columbia Borough Council

Faith M. Craig for Lancaster City Council, Incumbent

Janet Diaz for Lancaster City Council, Incumbent

Kalie Joanne Johnson for Denver Borough Council

Vincent Derek Smith for Lancaster City Treasurer

Ismail Smith-Wade-El for Lancaster City Council, Incumbent

Mary Gattis for Lititz Borough Council

Rebecca Young for Columbia Borough Council

Damon Alan Myers for East Hempfield Township Board of Supervisors

Amy R. Moreno for Hempfield Area School Director

Teddy Vasquez for Manheim Township School Director

Lochard Calixte for Lancaster City Council

Sarah Zahn for Elizabethtown School Director

Ryan Dodson for Manheim Township Board of Commissioners

Alison Hutchinson for Hempfield Area School Director

John Paul Herr for East Petersburg Borough Council, Incumbent

Ajay Rai Marwaha for Conestoga Valley School Director

Jamie L Arroyo for Lancaster City Council, Incumbent

Tom O'Brian for Manheim Township Board of Commissioners, Incumbent

Kevin Gudala for Mayor of Ephrata

Chandler Eby for Ephrata Borough Council

Dr. Terrance Henderson for Manheim Township School Director

Adam E. Hosey for Manheim Township School Supervisor

Jontel Toland for Lancaster City Council

Jennifer V. Eaton for Lancaster City School Director

Rebecca Beres for Ephrata Borough Council

Theron Mitchell for Hempfield Area School Director

Dr. Christopher Hubbs for Millersville Borough Council

Victoria Shank for Conestoga Valley School Director

Michael Morris for Akron Borough Council, Incumbent

Lisa Whitacre for Conestoga Valley School Board

Kesha Williams for Conestoga Valley School Board