This final month is what determines the course of history in Lancaster and Southern York counties.

Join an LSU Get-out-the-Vote volunteer team.

When Lancaster Stands Up members endorsed Jess King back in December 2017, we wrote, “Jess is in touch with the people of this district and has been emphasizing that her campaign is not only about her; it’s about all of us. It will take all of us to build the kind of people-powered operation that can win this district.”

These words ring even more true this fall, after Jess has held over 50 town halls, talked with thousands of voters, and released detailed positions on dozens of issues affecting our communities.

Lancaster Stands Up has already knocked tens of thousands of doors and identified thousands of voters who have committed to vote for Jess on Nov 6. The last test of our grassroots, volunteer-driven effort is our massive Get-out-the-Vote (GOTV) plan. If we bring all the people who believe in Jess and share our values to the polls, we can win this district. We need you to make this possible.

To execute this plan, we’re going to ask you to step up and be leaders in this movement.


The week of Oct 8-14, we’re hosting four GOTV trainings across our district. These two-hour sessions will train you how to reach voters and make sure they get to the polls. There will also be opportunities to sign up for one of our special GOTV volunteer teams. Come with your calendar and sign up for shifts!

  • Columbia (office, 30 N 4th St): Thurs, Oct 11 @ 6pm
  • Lancaster city (office, 15 N Lime St): Sat, Oct 13 @ 2pm
  • Dallastown (Freelance York, 2782 S Queen St): Sun, Oct 14 @2pm
  • Ephrata (Library Exploratorium, 560 S Reading Rd): Sun, Oct 14 @ 2pm


Each of the GOTV trainings is being held in one of our four GOTV hubs (where we are launching canvasses and hosting phone banks for the duration of GOTV). We will be setting up GOTV hubs in:

  1. Lancaster city (our office at 15 N Lime St)
  2. Akron (14A S 7th St)
  3. Columbia (our new office at 30 N 4th St!)
  4. Dallastown (Freelance York at 2782 S Queen St)

We need volunteers to manage these hubs for the last 14 days of the campaign, and we need volunteers to show up at these hubs to knock doors and make calls.

You don’t need any special experience to manage a hub — just at least 5-10 hours per week for the last two weeks. We’ll show you how to do the rest! If you sign up below to manage a hub, you will be responsible for:

    • Training volunteers how to go door-to-door or make calls and turn out supporters.
    • Tracking how many volunteer shifts are completed at your staging location while you’re there.


Lancaster Stands Up is planning to knock more doors than most campaigns ever do in Lancaster County, and this election is unlike anything we’ve seen in south central PA.  Just in the last four days of the campaign, we need to fill hundreds of volunteer shifts.