Lancaster Stands Up

2019 Summer Intern Program

Lancaster Stands Up is looking for summer interns who will help coordinate and manage our ever-growing base of members and volunteers. Interns will learn valuable community organizing skills, such as door-to-door canvassing, training, website design, partnerships, and fundraising.

Each intern will be supervised by a Lancaster Stands Up staff member and will work alongside volunteer leaders in their particular project area. Listed below are the available positions.

We are looking for people who can commit between 10-40 hours a week for the summer. These are unpaid internships, but we are more than happy to work with you to get funding through your school. Interns will also receive a transportation stipend as needed.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis until May 1.

Apply here!

Organizing internship (3-10)

Organizing interns will support the coordination of LSU’s voter contact program by planning distributed events, recruiting and training volunteers to canvass and phone bank, and running our voter registration program.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Running door-to-door canvasses out of the LSU office and around the county
  • Coordinating LSU’s voter registration program
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to do voter contact (calls and door-to-door)
  • Planning distributed events across the county, such as new member meetings and meet-the-candidate events

What we’re looking for: strong communication skills, motivational, attention to detail, Spanish speaking a plus, volunteer management experience a plus

Fundraising internship (1-2)

Fundraising interns will support the development of LSU’s fundraising team and plan fundraising events.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating LSU’s fundraising team, including recruiting and coaching new members
  • Supporting the planning and execution of planned fundraisers
  • Helping to draft written materials for potential donors
  • Supporting on large donor cultivation

What we’re looking for: personable, self-motivated and willing to learn, event planning experience a plus, fundraising experience a plus

Membership internship (1-2)

Membership interns will support the growth and retention of our dues-paying membership base.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Sitting on the membership committee
  • Recruiting new members and training volunteers to do membership recruitment
  • Supporting local teams to recruit and welcome new members
  • Working with the data team to manage membership data

Who we’re looking for: personable, organized, self-motivated and willing to learn, detail-oriented, administrative and/or data management experience a plus

Data internship (1-2)

Data interns will manage and improve on LSU’s internal data systems, provide technical support for the organizing and fundraising teams, and recruit and train volunteers to do data entry.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating LSU’s data team and recruiting new volunteers to do data entry
  • Tracking internal data on LSU volunteers and members
  • Improving LSU’s data systems, including researching and testing new methods for tracking information
  • Data analysis as needed by organizing, fundraising, and membership teams

What we’re looking for: attention to detail, self-motivated and willing to learn, database management experience a plus

Media and communications internship (1-2)

Media and communications interns will create written content and graphics to communicate with LSU’s ever-growing base, support the development of LSU’s website, and maintain the press list.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Coordinating the LSU blog and creating other written content
  • Supporting and improving on the design and layout of the website
  • Tracking press hits and maintaining LSU’s press list

What we’re looking for: writing experience and skill, self-motivated and detail-oriented, willingness to learn new skills and tools, graphic design experience a plus, website design experience a plus