From Eliza Booth and the Lancaster Stands Up Leadership Team:

This webpage contains important updates and details about the honk and drive protest on 05/31 at 2pm.

George Floyd called for his mother right before he was murdered by the police in Minneapolis. He called for his mother.


On top of everything, that is what has stayed with me over these past few days. As the mother of a black son, there is NOTHING I wouldn’t do to protect my child. In his final moments of life George Floyd called on his lifelong protector. His mother.


Will you join me today to say his name? Will you join me to say that George Floyd’s life mattered? Will you join me to raise your voice and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?


Join us at 2pm to Drive for Justice for George Floyd.

We are demanding justice for George Floyd and for all black people who have suffered and died under racist policing in this country.


Yesterday, more than 1,500 people attended a powerful multi-racial public demonstration that was organized and led by young people who have had enough. Tomorrow we take to the streets in our cars and continue to demand justice.


It’s important that we raise our voices publicly at this time. Because of COVID, we have decided for safety reasons to organize this rally in our cars. We will drive in the city, honking for justice, and holding signs.


As of Friday afternoon, George Floyd’s killer, Derek Chauvin, has been arrested and charged with 3rd degree murder and manslaughter.  Let’s be clear: this only happened because people in Minneapolis stood up to demand justice. We want to stand with them, to stand up to assert that George Floyd’s life mattered.


And it’s not just George Floyd, and it’s not just Minneapolis. Racist policing is an epidemic across our country. We have had to organize protests against racist policing right here in Lancaster. We need justice across this nation.


Join us at 2pm to Drive for Justice for George Floyd.  

Protest Updates

  • It looks like today’s driving demonstration will be big, and we’re making a few adjustments because of the very large number of RSVPs.

  • Start at 2:00pm, end at 3:00pm: This protest will go for one hour, at which point we’ll disperse.

  • Check the Route section below for updates about the route.

  • More to come: We’ll send a follow-up email about further action you can take to support justice for George Floyd and how we can continue to work together for racial justice.

Important safety guidelines

  • Wear a mask.
  • Avoid writing messages on your front windshield or impeding driving visibility.
  • Drivers be sure to pay attention to other traffic and pedestrians.

Sign ideas

Put signs in your windows and/or you can use a bar of soap to write messages on your car windows.

  • Justice for George Floyd
  • Black Lives Matter
  • Not One More

You can also write the names of individuals who have been killed by racist policing. A good resource article for this can be found here 


Route Directions: 

Go directly to the route: For attendees who see this message before the protest, please go directly to the route, instead of to the launch point mentioned in the previous email. We’ll still be sending people from the launch point (not everyone will see this before the protest), but we want to avoid a bottleneck. So please get familiar with the route and start driving it at around 2:00pm. If you don’t find other cars at first, you will very soon after starting!


Note the expansion route: Our starting route (red on the map) is a loop that follows Chestnut St. past the police station, right on Duke St, right on Orange St., right on Mulberry St., and then right again on Chestnut St. We’ll move to a larger expansion route (green on the map), driving past Duke and turning right on Plum St., if traffic gets too compact on this route, because there are so many of us! If traffic becomes too tight, you can start driving on the expansion route.

Please read the full event description in our Facebook event. Any other questions please reach out to us at I hope to see you on Sunday at 2pm. Thank you for standing up for justice.


Lastly, please spread the word by inviting your friends and posting about this event.