Why become a member of Lancaster Stands Up?

Lancaster Stands Up is a grassroots people-powered effort. We seek to bring everyday working people into the political process by providing opportunities to get involved in collective action. Being a member means you have a stake: a sense of shared ownership and responsibility for our future. Together we’re building a civic force capable of making a real impact on the issues we care about — to make a Lancaster that works for all of us.

If you support the mission of Lancaster Stands Up, become a member!

Members vote on all candidate endorsements.

One important way Lancaster Stands Up works for change is to put our volunteer capacity behind progressive candidates in key electoral races. As a member, you get to vote on which candidates Lancaster Stands Up endorses and supports. All LSU endorsements are decided by membership vote.

Members are polled regularly on other strategic questions.

As a member, you are invited to give your input to shape the work and direction of Lancaster Stands Up. Members can give input and feedback through regular member surveys.

Members are encouraged to get involved at the local level.

We’re building political power all across Lancaster County by organizing groups at the local level. LSU members are encouraged to join the local nearest them and to get involved in an ongoing way that helps to build our collective capacity. Presently we have 13 locals: Columbia, Conestoga Valley, Elanco/Pequea Valley, Elizabethtown/Donegal, Ephrata/Cocalico, Hempfield, Lampeter-Strasburg, Lancaster City, Lancaster Township, Manheim Township, Manheim Central/Warwick, Penn Manor, Solanco/Octorara.

Members pay dues.

Building a powerful grassroots organization takes resources: paying our staff members a living wage, rent for our office, printing flyers, running a robust canvass operation, running issue campaigns, and more. Building independent political power means building an organization that is proudly self-funded, by members. Paying membership dues is an important expression of members’ ownership of Lancaster Stands Up.

Our mission

Lancaster Stands Up is founded on a commitment to the common good. From raising our voices in our public square to going door-to-door to meet our neighbors, we are taking back our democracy. We the People are organizing ourselves into a grassroots force to challenge the elite interests that have corrupted our political system and sold off our future. We stand with the most vulnerable in our society and we strive to overcome the forces of racism, sexism, prejudice, and hate. We believe the time is ripe for everyday Americans — of every race and creed, immigrant and native-born, sisters and brothers — to stand up together as one united people.