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Meet Sophie Xiong

February 27, 2019

Meet Sophie Xiong

I was born in Buffalo, New York, a year after my parents immigrated from China. My family moved to Lancaster in 1994 when I was six years old, and I grew up in the school systems of Manheim Township and Hempfield. After graduating, I went to Washington and Lee University in Virginia, and then obtained my master’s in International Studies from Johns Hopkins while studying in China. I worked in the US-China relations realm in New York City and China for a few years before returning home in 2016 to volunteer for the PA Dems. What was supposed to be a short stay turned into a firm decision to make Lancaster my home. I got very involved with Lancaster Against Pipelines and led the legal team that protected all those arrested while protesting the Atlantic Sunrise Pipeline. In 2018, I became a field organizer for Jess King, and built local teams all around the county to carry out door-to-door canvasses and phone banks. Most recently, I’ve been hired as a Chinese instructor at the Stone Independent School.

I attended a few Lancaster Stands Up town halls after the 2016 election. Like so many others, I despaired for my country and found myself in a depression that I couldn’t shake off until attending a Lancaster Stands Up town hall. I found solace in the community. It was through LSU that I connected to Lancaster Against Pipelines, but it was also through LSU that I made strong friendships that buoyed my spirits and inspired me to be brave in spite of seemingly insurmountable trials.

In 2019, I foresee LSU building and supporting strong local Stands Up teams. This will happen though combining the teams I helped build for the Jess King campaign and the chapters of Stands Up already in place. I am excited to witness super volunteers for Jess King stepping up to run for local office on the same values and energy that fueled our 2018 campaign… and I am especially looking forward to their wins.