It’s time for our elected representatives and political candidates to reject campaign contributions from corporate interests and individuals that stand to profit from their decisions. We need representatives who prioritize the needs of our community.

The Pledge

As an elected representative, I pledge not to take contributions from individuals or corporate interests that stand to gain financially from projects or policy under my authority. I pledge to maintain my integrity in my financial dealings and prioritize constituents over corporate interests and developers. I will not engage in backroom deals that shut out everyday people from decision-making that impacts the future of their communities. I promise to use my power in office to promote a government of, by and for the people.

Taking this pledge means I will not accept contributions from any of the following:

Corporate PACs, executives, and lobbyists that have submitted or may submit bids for contracts with the governmental body I represent

Property owners seeking approval for developing their property in the district I represent

Real estate developers seeking approval for new developments, zoning changes, or other policy changes in the district I represent

Why No Backroom Deals?

Our government belongs to us, the people. When corporations and the most well-connected among us conspire behind closed doors with elected representatives, the rest of us are left behind. We’re left out of conversations about the future of our communities, land, schools, roads, taxes, and more. This goes beyond party – this is a matter of the corrupting influence of big money in our representative republic.

The voting people of Lancaster County should not have to compete with other bidders for the attention of their elected representatives. Developers and other big money interests regularly use campaign donations and favors to override the will of the people and intentionally undermine the purpose of our government. A few wealthy individuals should not have more influence than the rest of the voters combined. We are calling for an end to these covert backroom dealings between elected officials and special interests that disenfranchise everyday working people in our communities.

Government must be for all of us, not for the highest bidder. The No Backroom Deals pledge asks representatives at all levels of government not to sell their time, attention, and vote for a campaign contribution, and to work with integrity towards the best possible future for the residents and constituents of the district.