The handful of folks who called for the initial emergency community meeting in November 2016 has since developed into a multiracial and multigenerational 12-person coordinating team. The leadership team works to develop a long-term structure to allow LSU members to contribute their time, energy, passions, and gifts for the work ahead.

Staff are non-voting members of the Leadership Team. Current members of the Leadership Team include Fran Auquilla, Rafael Diaz, Zak Gregg, Kareena Rios, Jonathan Smucker, Otis Ubriaco, Ismail Yoder Salim, Melanie Yoder Salim, and Sophie Xiong.

Previous members who served on the Leadership Team: Amber Farward, Evan Gentry, Michelle Hines, Nick Martin, Amanda Kemp, Daniel Levin, Claudia Paz, Becca Rast, Nelly Torres, and Susan Wenger.