Step 1: Attend/Amplify Black Lives Matter Events and Demands across the County

Stay tuned for calls to action and keep an eye out for groups that we are amplifying too! There are a number of other groups that are doing the work and are leading on this issue. It’s not just LSU, we need to work together and uplift other organizers to get the wins we need.

If you don’t feel clear about what we are demanding, please read more about the Movement for Black Lives’ demands here.
And if you’re not sure what Defunding the Police means, please read more here.

Lastly show up at your City Council, Township Supervisors/Commissioners, or your Borough Council meetings to demand change. Check the local newspaper for your areas next meeting!

Step 2: Practice your voter outreach skills by Deep Phonebanking and build the volunteer infrastructure to win in November

We have less than 150 days to shift how elections up and down the ballot will turnout. To change voters minds we need to learn how to be better listeners and empathize with their struggles. Connecting problems to electoral and issue solutions is how we get our neighbors who have never voted to become regular voters and engaged community members. Moving members from support to action is how we build our power to influence elections.

Don’t wait to get involved , sign-up below!

Step 3: Commit to Regular Voter Outreach Shifts August – November

We all have something to gain by tearing down white supremacy. We all have something to gain from getting Donald Trump out of office. Even your uncle who voted for Trump has something to gain by getting him and the corporate friendly politicians in the PA State House out of office. We have a chance this election to make big gains at all levels. But none of that happens without your commitment to talk to your neighbors.

Will you be a part of history?

Lastly, become a member of Lancaster Stands Up if you aren't one already.