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Lancaster Stands Up

"We are responding to people that are coming from terrible situations, and they are being treated well." -Lloyd Smucker after his visit to the souther border with the self-proclaimed 'Problem Solvers Caucus.'

It's an absolute shame that Congressman Smucker cannot simply express the truth about the crisis at the border. Families are being separated and kept in unsanitary pens for weeks and weeks. Children and parents fleeing life-threatening dangers in Central America are not given nutritious food, soap, clothes, or access to legal council. Smucker and his caucus want to divide us by country of origin, but we know that America is for all of us. We will not fall prey to their shameless ploy. Send him a message demanding action to hold CBP accountable and to end the separation of children from their families: smucker.house.gov/contact
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Mr. Schmucker should offer more detail regarding his statement, "they are being treated well". As,.....what exactly does that mean.

C’mon. We all know Lloyd and if he says the border is ok it’s ok. That near a million people, including many children walked into a desert without a plan and almost all survived is a testament to how good a job Border Patrol is doing. When I lived in Arizona in 1980, border crossers died in big numbers. And how do we know the children being separated are not being trafficked. How many are being separated from families that could care for them and how many are being saved. If Lloyd says they are OK, they are OK. While I moved away 10 years ago I remember him as especially truthful

Why didn't he visit the centers in York and Reading, PA.? Much closer to home and just as bad, based on reports by officials who have, This group of Congressmen he is such a proud member of isn't about "solving problems." It's more about ignoring problems and doing nothing.

Der Fuhrer would be so proud of Smucker.

I truly hope y'all can get rid of this dumpster fire one day.

Which State helped to send a Trump to the WH ? That’s the Pennsyltucky I’m talking about !!

I know someone who is there right now. Posted a picture this morning saying she could go to jail for giving a child a juice box! Lloyd gave a political answer. This is disgusting and this man has no backbone. No mention of the round ups they are doing here in the US. Trump started ice raids with no plan of where to place the people they rounded up.

This is simply not true, they are not being held in unsanitary conditions nor are they being separated unless their relationship is in question. A 1/3 of children have been found not to be with their parents. Nor are they being kept in pens. Do not confused a processing center with a holding facility. They are two different things. They are given everything that you claim they are not. Any delay in the past for those is the result of Congress failing to pass legislation and spending to provide them the needed resources.

You Pennsyltuckians elected him. This is what you get when you believe the dysfunctional GOP. Lies, deceit, lack of empathy, diversions. But they sure know how to treat those Oligarchs who own them.

Lloyd is a stain on our heritage.

Little Llyod the Liar! Subordinating Treason since 2016. There you have it folks, the local face of the spineless GOP sycophants.

Should have voted for Jess King like I did

Lying along with Trump & the rest of the administration.

I would have expected nothing less than a complete head up tRumps ass from him, and it is what we got !

Wow! Why are children being separated?

He is a liar plain and simple.

Another fake religious person.

Guess they aren’t the moral majority any longer. Their morals are bankrupt.

Smucker is an idiot that caters to the highest paying customer

He told a bold face lie and she knew he was a liar!

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Thank you so much to Michelle Johnsen Photography for capturing Lights for Liberty Lancaster // Luces de Libertad last night!

It was so powerful to stand with so many neighbors and call for an end to the suffering and cruelty of detention camps and to keep families together.

Check out all the pictures here: www.lancasterphotocollective.com/Michellejohnsenphotography/Vigil/
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That is amazing and beautiful. Thank you everyone. This is a wonderful display of how it is possible to be humane and love one another. <3

It was an awesome evening to be together!

Bravo 👏

A power night of unity for humanity!

I didn't want to go all by myself, but I met so many nice people there!


Lisa Gladu

Ian Cruz Padilla

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2 weeks ago

Lancaster Stands Up

We’re live at Penn Square for Lights of Liberty Lancaster. Join us to stand up for our immigrant neighbors and call for an end to detention camps across the county: ... See MoreSee Less


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Thank-you for speaking out!

I love you Lancaster! ❤️

Put families back together!

Thanks for Standing Up.

Proud of the organizers

Go home

Buenos nochas!


Bravo to all who are showing there support 🎉‼️❤️🙌🏼😍🦋


Xavier Isabel Solis

www.uscis.gov/i-589 <-- Proper way for “withholding of deportation” If not, you're known as "Deportable aliens" 8 U.S. Code § 1227. www.govinfo.gov/app/details/USCODE-2010-title8/USCODE-2010-title8-chap12-subchapII-partIV-sec1227 🤠

How about white immigrants. You sold my business line to a white man

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2 weeks ago

Lancaster Stands Up

On Monday, Lancaster Against Pipelines won a huge victory for their cause: the trespassing charges against seven activists who put their freedom on the line to protect our land from the carnage of fossil fuel pipelines were dropped. This victory would not have been possible without the legal team, featuring Hobie Crystle for District Attorney, that fought tirelessly pro-bono for our community's values and rights to peaceful protest and safe, livable land. We need a legal system and a District Attorney that puts the rights and values of the people above corporate profit and the status quo, and Hobie has been on the front lines of this fight for a very long time. Sign up to attend Camp Hobie, where you'll learn more about the campaign and how to get more Lancastrians excited about a justice system for all of us: www.mobilize.us/lancasterstandsup/event/97701/ ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

Lancaster Stands Up

Trespassing charges against the Lancaster Against Pipelines were dropped this morning! These seven activists risked everything to protect farmland and sacred land from being destroyed by fossil fuels and greedy corporations, and now, they won't have to face trial for their work in fighting for our values. Tune into their press conference about their journey and triumph here:

Lancaster Against Pipelines
Charges dismissed! LAP claims a victory! Press conference at 10:30
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So thankful for this outcome and for everyone that put their bodies on the line.

Is anyone gonna call me back about you giving away my unlisted phone number?

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