Lancaster Stands Up members voted by an overwhelming margin to endorse Jess King in the Democratic primary for Pennsylvania’s 11th Congressional District. Jess is a working mother who has committed her life’s work to community service in Lancaster and the State of Pennsylvania.

Lancaster Stands Up started just over a year ago when 300 community members came together for an emergency town hall meeting in the wake of the 2016 election. From that first meeting, we determined that we would all need to step up and become more active in our democracy. We committed to finding ways for everyday people to get involved and have a bigger voice in our political process. Jess King has been a regular participant in this grassroots effort from the start. Long before this, Jess was a consistent advocate on critical issues like health care, economic development, and racial justice. We share Jess’s values and are inspired by her willingness to stand up for what is right and to stake out clear positions on pressing issues.

Our experience of Jess is that she is a compassionate listener and a determined advocate for everyday working people. She is in touch with the people of this district and, importantly, Jess has been emphasizing that her campaign is not only about her; it’s about all of us. And it will take all of us to build the kind of door-to-door, people-powered operation that can win this district.

Jess presents a sharp contrast to incumbent Congressman Lloyd Smucker, who has shown himself to be a poor public servant since going to Washington. Representative Smucker has not held a single public town hall forum and has studiously avoided unscripted encounters with constituents. Instead, he manufactures photo ops with cherry-picked audiences to give the false impression of constituent support for what is in fact an unpopular GOP agenda. Smucker has leaned on a hollow “small business” narrative, while voting consistently with Paul Ryan and Donald Trump for legislation designed to further consolidate the power of big business and Wall Street.

Jess King’s strengths expose Lloyd Smucker’s weaknesses. While Smucker avoids constituents, Jess listens. While Smucker is silent in the face of a sitting President who recklessly stokes prejudice and fear, Jess has spoken out consistently for every member of our community. And in a district where small business is so vital to our economy, Jess is genuinely working to advance policies that would benefit small business owners and workers. While Smucker parrots GOP talking points about “trickle-down economics,” Jess has a far more advanced understanding of how today’s economy actually works.

We are excited for more people in Pennsylvania’s 11th District to get to know Jess in the months ahead. We see in Jess the kind of transformative candidate who will make our job of persuading people at the door that much easier. We feel fortunate to have such an exceptional candidate running to represent us, and we are eager to put Lancaster Stands Up’s volunteer energy and capacity to work to elect her and to defeat Lloyd Smucker.

We share with Jess a vision of an America that is for all of us, not just the few. We see in her a fighter who can win. Jess King for Congress.